Yandex.Mail – Sign Up, Login and How to Recover Forgot Yandex Account


Yandex mail is a service that provides mailboxes on servers of Yandex which is Russia’s biggest search engine much like similar to Gmail which provides mailboxes on servers of Google. It provides many features and is a very popular choice for not only native Russian citizens but for global citizens as well for obvious reasons. Below features are what makes it so easy to use convenient and popular:

  • It provides initial storage space of 10 GB which automatically increases by 1GB if you keep using it regularly and as soon as you have less than 200 MB less space left in your account.
  • It offers great personalization themes and customization features unlike most mailboxes. You can either select a theme of your choice or select a three panel interface as well.
  • Its mobile application not only lets you use email but as well as send instant messages and share co-ordinate details of your location as well.
  • It’s very convenient to use as well as and provides many features as well much like gmail as you can directly view documents, media files, etc in it without feeling the need to take help of some external add-on or application also it lets you organize your messages by topics, use hot keys and much more.
  • It’s excellent in terms of security as it uses proprietary technologies to prevent spam and hacking and its algorithm is constantly improving as well.
  • All incoming and outgoing messages are checked and virus infected mail is blocked by yandex mail server.

Yandex Mail Signup Guide


• Enter your name and surname and then create a unique username which will be used by you to log in various services. Make sure that you do it carefully as once created username can’t be changed ever.
• Create a strong and secure unique password for your account. Make sure you don’t use your name, mobile no etc. For a strong password use numerics characters as well as special characters along with both uppercase and lowercase alphabets and never share it with anyone.
• Now you have to enter your contact no which can be used as an additional security measure and can be used to even reset your account password or as an alternate username. However if you don’t want to add your mobile no in it then select “I don’t have a phone” and fill in the field marked “Answer to the security question”. These details are required to reset password purposes as you haven’t given your mobile number.
• After that you have to pass security verification steps and enter captcha, you can request another captcha if you find the current one hard to read.

NOTE: You can change any of the above details anytime from your account except username.

Yandex Mail Login/Sign-in Guide:

  1. To login into yandex, you first need to have an account which you must have created by following the steps we have mentioned above and thus must be having your unique login username and password as well.
  2. Thus now to login into yandex mail, you need to go to this link: and fill in your unique username and password in the middle left fields wherein the same is mentioned.
  3. After that you have to click on login and enjoy the features and experience of yandex mail.
  4. You can log into your mailbox by any device connected to internet by simply opening the link given above.
  5. Also if you don’t want your login details to be remembered then make sure to select the option of “do not remember me”.
  6. Your session will be automatically closed once your close the browser window or 2 hours after your last activity in your account.
  7. You can also log-in to yandex using your social accounts like facebook but for that you must first grant yandex access to your personal data and is thus often not recommended for people with privacy concerns.

If Forgot Yandex Mail Password then How to Recover it

If you are having problems logging in your account then it could be either that you have forgotten your username or that you have forgotten your password and it will show error that invalid username-password pair and authorization failed. Make sure that caps lock wasn’t wrongly on and that your keyboard is of latin format to avoid mistyping, also often misconfigured cookies can cause problems so make sure to clear your cookies from browser before trying to login or you can read about cookies settings here:

Username Restoration

If you aren’t sure that the username you remember is right then you can try to use password tip from recovery page to reset. You can also ask one of your addressees to send you your profile link in your email which will also show your profile name. If you still cannot restore your username then contact yandex support through

Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your password then you can recover it via password recovery page. Enter your username and /or email address, complete the captcha verification i.e. enter the characters from image and then click next. Depending on the personal details you gave during the registration you will be given three password recover options: an SMS code to a confirmed phone number, an answer to the security question, or an additional email address. Based on your convenience you can select either of them and proceed to recover your password. If nothing else works then you can try to contact support through above given link.


This article covered all about yandex mail , how to sign up in yandex mail , logging in yandex mail and recovery options for it lest you forget your username or password. Do let us know in comments what you think about it and your suggestions as well.

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