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Mobiles have taken over the world and our lives. Today when you look anywhere around you, you just see people continuously using their mobile phones. In accordance with the support of this usage of mobile phones, there are various apps that now can be installed on the phone. There are apps for enhancing the quality of your photographs; if you are an artist there are apps for using or building your creative skills; there are various productivity apps that allow working on the move (in turn, replacing the need for computers and laptops). However, sometimes the sad news is that most of the apps that are highly useful, are paid and the most have a subscription charge that needs to be paid for or there is a high one-time charge for the same.

Often even the one-time payment or the lowest subscription is not enough. There will be various other hidden charges for different features of the app that were supposed to be included when they purchase or payment was made. This can be very frustrating at times. There are other times where we pay for the app and then we realize that it was never worth the payment or it is just not what was there in the description or the advertisement. And there is no way out and the payment has gone down the drain.

Since the Google Play Store on Android phones and the App Store on iPhones and iPads is pre-installed and we are left with no options. Also, over the course of using these stores, we never even realize that there are numerous other stores in the market with a diverse and varied range of apps that can be installed on the phone. Also, another glitch is that most of the stores are not available directly since the boost about a lot of free apps and games and hence there is an entirely different way to have this installed.

About the TuTuApp:


The TuTuApp is one such store. The unique point of this store is that you can install a host of apps and games that would ideally be charged on the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store. However, the main glitch with this app is that most of the people are unaware of it and the people who are aware but don’t know how to install it on the phone. So let’s today understand how the TuTuApp can be installed on Android phones.

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System Requirements:

The first thing to know is that the TuTuApp is free and available for download for everyone. There are separate files and procedures for installing in the iOS or the iPhone devices and for installing on the Android devices. Here are going to learn how it can be installed on Android devices. However, before we jump to the installation process, let us first quickly look at the requirements for this app/store to be installed in your Android phone.

  • The Android device being used for the installation should be running Android version 4.0+. In case, if your device is running a version, lower than this, then the TuTuApp cannot be installed.
  • The other requirement is that the device needs to have a RAM of a minimum 512 MB so that the application/store can run smoothly on the device.
  • The size of the TuTuApp is, in general, very small. However, it requires a minimum of 100 MB space on the device storage once it has been installed and a cache size of 10 MB. However, as you continuously use the app, the cache size required might a bit on the higher side.
  • Last but not least, is that – A WiFi connection or a mobile data connection. The app is finally connected to the Internet and your device would require to be connected to the Internet for the installation as well as for the usage.

How to Install the TuTuApp on the Android Phone:

Below are the steps that you would need to follow to have the TuTuApp installed on the phone.

  1. The first step would be actually downloading the installation file. Any android device requires a .apk file for installing the app. The .apk file for the TuTuApp can be downloaded from
  2. You will need to download the TuTuAppapk file and have the same saved on your mobile.
  3. Then you need to go to “Settings” and under “Privacy”, there is an option that says “Install from Unknown Source”. You need to enable this option.
  4. Once the above option has been enabled, you need to go to the “File Manager” and look for the .apk file for TuTuApp that you have downloaded.
  5. Once you find the Apk file, you need to click on it and select “Install”.
  6. The installation process would automatically begin, you can use the TuTuApp once the installation process is completed.

Bottom Line:

Once the TuTuApp is installed, you can open and download the apps and games that you like and they would be downloaded on your phone free of cost. The interface of the TuTuApp is very simple and easy-to-use.

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