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Sometimes, we look back into fine days when having a simple gaming handset was of a matter of talk and one owing it was a hero among all. Owing something expensive was no way a small deal and even a simple console were sold. There was also a time when computer games were at the center talk and playing that simple card game was super exciting. However, to be very true, accessing them according to the current scenario they were of low quality and with quite low graphics and animation.

However, as the technology of computer got a bit refined, gaming quality was improved considerably. Now the new versions of the gaming console started coming with good sounds and very much refined quality. It was now well assumed by enthusiast of play station that technology is continuously changing according to the way people are changing. It is also very well known that creators of these gaming consoles do not forget to add something extra to make it look a bit attractive from the last version.

PlayStation 4

Ps4 is an eight-generation gaming console and it is being developed by Sony entertainment. It was in late Feb of 2003 when the Sony entertainment announced a successor for its gaming console, which was ps3 and by the end of 2004, they launched ps4 in almost every part of the world. The best part about these gaming consoles comes with a fact that the characters in the game the stunningly realistic. Now if we talk about any company, which have gained a sort of expertise over making gaming consoles, it would be no other than Sony.

The way Sony has gained a lot of experience making hi-tech TV laptops, cameras etc. no one can deny the fact that Sony serves one of the best sound technology as well as providing excellent graphics for the same and thus Sony has come out as one of the leading market player in this field. The ps4 came up with quite an enhanced processor and graphic chip. In addition, Sony came out with two versions of ps4- the basic and the premium one. Which was much more enhanced specifications if we directly compare it with the latter version that is ps3 and these differences are the only reason, which creates price differences and thus are answerable to all those people who try to compare it with price.

List of Top 10 Best PS4 Games:


1. Horizon zero dawn

It is wonderful action game, which is developed by guerrilla games and has been published by Sony. There is a hunter names alloy, which is living in a world overpowered by machines. In the game alloy uses dangerous weapons, spears and complete set of exciting tactics to combat creatures. The game also consist of open world environment, which lets alloy to explore. This game was released in 2017 for ps4.

2. Grand theft auto v

It is again an action adventure video game, which was developed by rockstar north and is published by rockstar games. Grand theft auto is a series of game, which is in market from last a decade. The v version of this game comes up with a single player and story revolving around it who with three other criminal tries to heist. Again, it is an open world game and is covered largely on foot or by vehicle.

3. Bloodborne

This game is developed by from software and published by Sony for ps4. This game was released in 2015. It has a player character, the hunter who has an abnormal blood borne disease. Thus, game revolves around a story where objective of this hunter is to locate the source of disease and thus escaping this nightmare. It is wonderful game for gamers who like mysterious objectives.

4. Persona 5

It is role-playing game, which is developed by atlus. It is also a game, which is launched in series and persona 5 is the sixth instalment of it. It take place in Tokyo, and is after a player named protagonist. He is accused for a fault he has not committed. They battle with enemies who are known as shadows. Thus in total it could be referred as wonderful game to watch.

5. Overwatch

Overwatch is a multiplayer video game, which is developed and published by blizzard entertainment. It was launched in 2016. It lets player to form two teams of six member and every player selects a character from 20 given options with each option having specific characteristics, which include offense, defence, etc. players work together to control given points on a map in limited time.

6. destiny

It is an online multiplayer shooter video game developed by bungie and published by activison. Everything in this game is divided between player vs environment or player vs player. Player in this game takes the role of guardian, which helps to save the earth before the humanity is wiped out. It is a wonderful game with great theme to play.

7. The witcher wild hunt

It is action video game, which is developed as well as published by cd project. It is actually a sequel of the witcher2: assassins of king. A game, which was launched in 2011. This game is played on an open world theme where the witcher is looking after her adopted daughter and is on the run for wild hunt. It is a very exciting game with superb theme.

8. Pro evolution soccer 2017

It is a sport video game, which is developed by pes production and is published by konami. It is a football video game, which was released in 2016. Its publisher collaborated with fcb, Liverpool, Dortmund, for recreation of kits and player faces. With improved techniques, it is a heaven for football lovers.

9. Resident evil 7

It is a horror game, which was developed as well as published by Capcom and was released in Jan 2017. In this game player controls a character name Ethan winters who searches for his wife in evil area occupied by cannibalist family. It involves solving many puzzles and fighting the enemies

10. The Last of US

It is an adventure game, which is developed by naughty dog and published by Sony. In this game, the player controls a character named Joel who is a smuggler who has a task of escorting a teenage girl across US. The last of us is a superb game with lot of excitement waiting for the gamers.

Is it the best gaming console?

If we consider the overall experience, ps4 is going to be a wonderful gaming console. If we consider its performance, it has a single chip processor with eight-core jaguar CPU. It has 8 GB of ram and 500 GB hard drive, which gives the console an ultimate amount of power. The best part of this console is that it comes with a 500 GB drive, so this space might be helpful when user is downloading movies and games. After such a hefty space, there might still be some users who might fill up there 500 GB and wish for some more space.

Ps4 in this case too gives a wonderful option where its hard drive could still be upgraded thus enhancing the space as per the requirement and giving gamers a great option to store huge amount of data easily. Features wise to ps4 performs near to perfect, coming with half-matte black and half gloss exterior. There is also quite a fashion for slim design, thus ps4 gives you quite a sporty feeling coming in slim, sleek design, which makes quite attractive.

Thus, as far as choosing a game console is concerned, one can easily rely on the fact that choosing ps4 could be a perfect option now.

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