Swype Keyboard for Android to Increases Your Texting Speed!!


One can say that Swype keyboard is the faster and easier way for data inputs than any other data input methods, approximately over 40 words per minute. It is the keyboard that has changed everything with its one continuous motion across the screen to type a text. This technology helped it to get renowned as the world’s most functional keyboard that just made everything faster, accurate and easy to work with or a user-friendly accessing of a keyboard. Swype keyboard provides the speech recording feature with a single tap on the keyboard. The speech recorded in Swype keyboard is more accurate than any other app counterparts.

This keyboard is simple and exciting that leaves behind the custom of typing long time-consuming texts besides losing the touch sensitivity of the device. It is the great alternative for all android devices with multi functional keyboards. There are many apps on the market that provides with the similar functionality, but the Swype keyboard for iOS 8 is the best among all those. Besides providing the easiness in texting with a single Swype across the screen, it is even highly customizable that lets you select one from many different keyboard themes.

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No significant drawbacks are figured out by anyone yet in this Swype app and awarded as the best alternative keyboard app for androids. It comes with lots of feature and things to be explored without any lags present. This, Swype app is available in online stores either for free or at the cost of $0.99. You can download it from any of the stores like Play Store.

How to Download Swype Keyboard App?


  • Before downloading it to your android device, you need to check the compatibility of Swype keyboard with your handset.
  • So first check your android version by going to settings followed by the option “about phone” and opting for “Android version.”
  • Once you know your android version, you can check the compatible Swype app for your android. You can check the compatibility with the Swype app after you open the app in Play Store or through any other external link on the web browser.
  • Once you find the compatible Swype keyboard for your android, type on the application and click on “install” app option.
  • Once the app gets installed on your device, open and run the application.
  • Now you can have a hands-on experience on the world’s most efficient, faster and accurate keyboard.

Swype keyboard for no doubt is the new era of a keyboard that comes with all advanced technical features that simply increases your texting speed within less span of time with more accuracy. First, you may feel discomfort using it as you are habituated to typing every letter, but once you give it a try and explore it well, you will never return to the old method of typing and gets better and better as you go on using it more and more.

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