How to Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Usage in Windows 10


If you are using Windows 10 Laptop or Computer, then you might be aware of the issues which usually arise when you make use of a lot of memory or CPU. There are many factors due to which you tend to use lots of memory space of the system, of which the most common is the Service Host Local System High Disk Usage. So, if you are having any such problem while using your Windows 10 PC, then there are ways to fix it and below you will come across with a small tutorial on Fix for Service Host Local System High Disk Usage.

Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Usage?


Before you go ahead and learn the Fix for Service Host Local System High Disk Usage, it is necessary that you do some troubleshoot to understand the root cause. Firstly you need to check the drivers of the system as the failure of the drivers in your system can lead to such errors. So, you can simply update the drivers and get your system restored. There are different driver tools available online with the help of which you can easily check the functioning of the drivers.

After updating the drivers, if the problem of Service Host Local System High Disk Usage still persists, then you need to follow the below mentioned fix for Service Host Local System High Disk Usage.

Fix One – How to Disable Superfetch:

The first thing that you need to do in order to fix the Service Host Local System High Disk Usage error is by disabling the Superfetch as it is considered to be the most likely cause of such issues. So, follow the below-mentioned steps to disable Superfetch.

  • Press two keys together “The Windows Key and X Key” a menu will display on the screen
  • Now from the menu, you have click on Command Prompt as Admin
  • Now you will be asked “Do you want to allow this app to make changes in the system” simply click on “Yes” now the Run box will display
  • Type the command “net.exe stop superfetch” and hit the enter bar
  • Now wait till the performance of the Windows Computer get improvised



These steps will disable the Superfetch and the problem of Service Host Local System High Disk Usage will be solved. Now you need to restart the system and enjoy browsing again with optimal performance.

Fix Two – Troubleshoot with Windows Update

The second Fix for Service Host Local System High Disk Usage is to troubleshoot the Windows update. For this, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Control Panel of the device and click on “System and Security” from the list
  • Now a window will open and from the list, you have to click on “Security and Maintenance”. This action will launch a new window
  • From the options, you need to click on “Troubleshooting”
  • There will be the option under Security and Settings “Fix Problems with Windows Updates” click on it
  • Click on “Next” button and you will be presented with different options
  • You need to click on “Try Troubleshooting” and open it as administrator

This will help you solve the issue of Service Host Local System High Disk Usage error. If the problem still persists, then try out the last resort for the problem.

Fix Three – How to Disabling Services:

The last resort that you can do to Fix For Service Host Local System High Disk Usage is by disabling some of the services. Disabling of the services will help you locate the root cause and fix it at once.

  • Right-click on the home screen of your Windows PC and right click on the taskbar of the desktop
  • You will get the option of Task Manager in the menu click on it
  • Now Expand the Service Host: Local System option and you will see which service is using higher memory or CPU
  • Once you identify the service, simply click on it and click on “End Task” button below in the Task Manager window
  • Repeat the process with all services that are consuming higher CPU memory of your system
  • Once you find the item causing the error, right click on and select Open Services option
  • Go to services of Task Manager and then click on “Stop”

Fix Four – What to Do Next, If Superfetch is not the Issue:

By doing the above Procedure, you came to know that the Disabling od Superfetch is not the issue. Then What to do next to Find the issue on your local host computer. Follow these steps.

  • Click On Windows + R to Open and Run prompt.
  • Enter a command regedit, and press Enter.
  • Then Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > ControlSet001 -> Services -> Ndu.
  • In the right side of the pane. Double tap on a Start button and change the value data to 4
  • And Press OK and close the Registry Editor.
  • Restart your machine and check Task Manager once and You will find that System Host: Local System (Network Restricted) does not take up as much CPU.

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