How to Use PS4 Controller for PC : Guide for Gamers?


The Dualshock 4 version of PlayStation is often recognized as the best gaming controller. Although it was never intended for PC gamers, it still garnered great acclaim. Its untarnished reputation has not failed to attract more gaming enthusiasts over time. Albeit not-so-easy plug and play system like the X-Box 360 controller’s, Steam Support can ease the hassle of using the PS4 controller for PC. Below you can learn how to use the PS4 controller for PC

How to Use PS4 Controller for PC using the USB cable (wires)?

To connect your Dualshock PS4 wire using the cable, you will need:

  • Hardware required: Micro USB cable in addition to the Dualshock controller.
  • Software required: DS4 Windows, XBOX 360 driver, Microsoft .NET framework.

Can PS4 be connected without using wires?

PS4 can be connected to your computer both with wires and without. The controller has a built-in Bluetooth option that can be used if the wired connection does not feel great. It is a subjective choice.

How to connect your controller using cables

Download Microsoft .NET framework: Windows comes with .NET framework pre-installed. To check which version is default in your PC, you can use the following method:

  • Start > Run > Type regedit.exe and click open
  • This will open the registry editor in your PC. In the registry editor, type HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full
  • If in the new window, the DWORD Release exists, it means that .NET version 4.5 or newer is pre-installed.
  • Various values of the Release DWORD indicate various versions of the .NET framework. A list of all these values can be found on Microsoft’s official website.

Download XBOX 360 Driver: Windows versions higher than 7 have the driver pre-installed. If you have windows 7 or less, install the XBOX driver here. Choose your edition of Windows and click on download. Run the .exe file according to the instructions given on the website.

Download DS4 for Windows PC for Free:


Download DS4 Windows: To download DS4, you can click here.

  • On the home page, click on the download now button and let download.
  • Once downloaded, visit the folder and extract all the files in a location of your choice. You can leave it on the default settings as well.
  • Double-click on the DS4Windows application and click Run.
  • A window will open and you will be asked to pick where you want the settings and profiles to be saved. Click on Program Folder.
  • If there are any new updates available, a window will open asking your permission to install the latest version. Click on Yes.
  • Click Run
  • If you have windows 7 or greater, or if you have Windows 7 and have installed XBOX 360 driver already, click on step1: Install the DS4 driver, otherwise click on Step2: If on Windows 7 or below, Install 360 driver.
  • A new window showing the download status will open.
  • Once the download is complete, click on Open DS4W
  • Open DS4Windows and then click on Step1: Install DS4 Driver.
  • Click on Install
  • Plug in the Micro USB into the controller and connect it with your PC. You will see your controller flash orange light once.
  • On the window on your desktop, click on Controllers. You should see your controller’s name there. If it doesn’t appear, click on stop and double-click DS4Windows application again. Your controller will show.
  • Once the window has your controller’s name, your controller’s flash will turn blue.
  • If it fails, try following the procedure with a different cable or another port on your PC.
  • Do NOT close the DS4window while you are gaming. Keep it minimized.

How to use a PS4 controller for PC without using cables?

In order to connect your Dualshock to your PC, without using cables, you want to make sure that your PC has Bluetooth drivers installed or you should have a Bluetooth adapter handy.

Once that is available, follow the steps below:

  • Install Microsoft .NET framework, XBOX 360 driver, and DS4Windows as mentioned in the above section.
  • Open the DS4Windows application
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Controller/Driver setup
  • In the opened window, click on Bluetooth settings. The Bluetooth window will open up.
  • Hold the middle PlayStation button and the share button on your controller till the controller flashes serrate white light, to activate Bluetooth settings.
  • Your controller will show up on the ‘nearby Bluetooth devices’ list. Pair the device.
  • Sometimes, you might be asked for a code. In that case, the code should be 0000.
  • In the DS4 Windows application, you should see your controller’s name in the controller section.

That’s it. Hola! This is a very simple technique you can use to connect the PS4 controller to your PC!

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