10 Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC & Android 2019


After the advent of Nintendo 3Ds Emulator, it has become easier for PC and Android users to make their respective devices behave like the Nintendo 3Ds gaming console. Nintendo 3Ds is a gaming console which was launched by Nintendo RED in the year 2011. Prior to the launch of Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo was only in the 2D games market. But with years of experiments and change of technology, Nintendo has become the first gaming console to start the 3D games. And with the Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for Android and PC, you can enjoy the games on your Android devices and PC and convert your normal devices into a Nintendo 3Ds gaming console.

There are many different types of Nintendo 3Ds emulator that works best on Android and PC. Below you will come across with 10 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for PC and Android that will help you enjoy the Nintendo 3Ds games on your Android tab, mobile, and PC without any extra efforts.

List of Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulators:


1. Ultimate x3DSx Gold

Ultimate x3DSx Gold is the best emulator designed for Android for all Nintendo 3Ds games. This emulator claims to be the feature rich and fastest emulator that can run the Nintendo 3Ds games and other advanced games on Android devices. It also supports link cable emulation with the fastest speed and it allows you to convert your Android device to act as a Nintendo 3Ds console where you can enjoy unlimited games. It comes with Tilt, Gyroscope, solar sensor emulation and code breaker cheat codes which can enable or disable while playing the game.

2. Citra 3Ds Emulator

Citra 3Ds Emulator is the user-friendly and widely used emulator which allows the users to have full access to the Nintendo 3Ds games on their PC. This software is compatible with almost all the platforms and it is an open source Nintendo 3Ds emulator for PC that also supports Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. However, this emulator comes with some pitfalls and stability issues which will be fixed by the developers as committed. Since it is the best Nintendo 3Ds emulator you can access all the features and games that Nintendo 3Ds has to offer right on your PC.

3. DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS is a paid Nintendo 3Ds emulator for Android that is known to be stable for Android emulation. This emulator is used for emulation of almost a variety of games available in the market. The emulator comes with a host of features which include screen layout customization, controller customization, Google Drive Support, hardware and software controller support, fast forwarding of games and many others. On user’s demand, it also supports high-end graphics rendering. Since it comes with a small charge, you have to pay an amount of $4.99 to download this emulator.

4. nds4droid Emulator

Nds4droid emulator is the old and leading Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for Android and it is open source software, thereby it is free to use and download. This emulator comes with some minor bugs and hence higher stability can’t be guaranteed. However, the developers are working on it to fix the bugs and keep it improving. This emulator comes with some amazing features and performance to start and save the loading statics quickly, skip frames to enhance the performance level. It comes with GPL license and hence it is totally safe and free to use.

5. NDS Boy! NDS Emulator

NDS Emulator is the new Nintendo 3Ds emulator for Android and it is a decent emulator for emulating the Nintendo 3Ds games on your Android devices. It has both pro version and free version. The free version of the emulator comes with some bugs and lacks in rich features, while the pro version is advance and removes all the ads that pop up in between. Moreover, this emulator demands minimal resources compared to other emulators in the market and zip and rar are some of the compatible file types with this Nintendo 3Ds emulator.

6. RetroArch

RetroArch is the best Nintendo 3Ds emulator for Android device that is based on robust development interface called Libreto and it is an open source project. Since it is cross-platform it allows making cross platform application that uses rich features like cross platform camera support, location support, OpenGL and more.

7. DeSmuMe

DeSmuMe is the free Nintendo 3Ds emulator for PC and it is available for Mac OS, Linux and Windows. It is available for free and supports multiple languages. So, no matter where you belong to you can still make use of it in your local language. The latest version of the emulator is very stable for Nintendo 3Ds emulation and allows you to access all the games that Nintendo 3Ds has to offer.

8. No$GBA

No$GBA is a free Nintendo 3Ds emulator for PC and it is available only for Nintendo 3Ds and DOS emulation. It is free to use and run commercially on all released Nintendo 3Ds games and it is the only emulator available for DOS. This emulator is DS Lite, DS and Game Boy Advance Nintendo Emulator and it is widely used in almost all the PCs.

9. AseDS Emulator

AseDS Emulator is the latest emulator that can emulate the Nintendo 3Ds games on your Android devices. It comes with some advanced features like cheat codes, customized button layouts, screen display options and some other performance tweaks which can help the gamers in running the games smoothly. This emulator has been carefully tested before it was introduced to you and it is compatible with almost all the platforms and can offer you optimal emulation experience.

10. NeonDS 

NeonDS is the last Nintendo 3Ds emulator in the list, but its features and emulation capacity can’t be challenged. This emulator is mainly designed to work on Windows PC, but it can also be used in other OS for all commercial games. It is good and compatible emulator today which is designed by softonic.com and since it is open source program you can download it on your PC for free.

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