iMessage Not Working on iPhone? Follow These Methods to Solve the Error

iMessage not working

Are you having a problem with your iMessage that is not working on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod device? Is there the green and blue bubble suddenly appears when you try to send SMS to your friend using iMessage? If you are searching for the solution and how to fix iMessage waiting for activation error on your iPhone and iPad and iPod devices, you have come to the right place.

There are millions of iMessage users worldwide. It is one of the great inventions by Apple. But first, we need to understand that, it does not mean that it will not have any problems and issues. iMessage also have some terms to run on your device. But there are many ways to fix iMessage too.

How to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone?

iMessage not working

Today we are going to fix your iMessage in many different ways. But at first, you have to make sure your iMessage is not working properly. If you can’t send a text using iMessage to a friend than it is a problem of another end. But if you can’t be able to send SMS to anyone then it is absolutely your problem you fix it. Below I have mentioned all the solutions of fixing iMessage not working errors on your device.

Check Your Network Connection:

If it is arriving blue and green bubbles while sending SMS; that means your iMessage is having problems to run on your device. Know that iMessage works only on active data connection. At first, you need to check if you have an active internet connection or not whether it is data connection or Wi-Fi connection.

Reboot to Fix It:

If your iMessage is not working, you can also fix it in a classic way. Go to the settings­­­­­-> message and tap the button next to iMessage before you turn iMessage off. Then holds the power button and slide your finger across the bar to switch the power off. Then again turn the power on and go back to the setting-> message and open the iMessage.

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Make Sure You have Set Up iMessage Correctly:

This may occur on the very few on the hundreds, that the phone number is not configured correctly to send and receive SMS. Go to the settings > messages again and click to open Send and Receive menu item. There is a list of phone numbers that are configured to send and receive iMessage on your device. Then there look at the section titled ‘start new conversations from.’ If you can’t see any check marked near your phone number, then tap on your phone number to activate it.

Sign Out and Sign In:

This may be also one of the reasons for not running your iMessage correctly. Go to settings > messages and open send and receive. Then tap on the Apple ID section and tap to sign out. Once you sign out, sign in again using Apple ID and try to send a message to your friends again.

If any problem arrives on your iMessage, these are the solutions that I have mentioned above to fix your iMessage not working errors on your device. I hope my article was helpful to your to fix your iMessage. If you like, my article lets me know by commenting on the comment box below.

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