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Just like BlackBerry has its own built-in messaging app BBM, iMessage is the messaging tool for iPhone users. You can send texts, images, audios, videos and other documents to your contacts all encrypted to protect your privacy. So, you might be a non-Apple-er sneaking into the Apple season test the water or just that you have given your iPhone for repair and you have to use your spare Android phone for the meanwhile but can’t survive without your texting app iMessage which runs exclusively on Apple. For whatever reasons you might have to switch to Android, you can now run iMessage for an android phone with a little hustle.

But the most crucial fact is you must have a Mac computer to make the connection. As of yet, there’s no other way. So, if you have Mac then this article is going to be useful for you or you can keep reading to help your friend out.

So Here Are a Couple of Things You Require to Run iMessage on Your Android Phone:


  • A working Mac computer of course
  • Java SE development kit on your Mac
  • weMessage app for weServer

Why weMessage?

No other app has been built yet to beat the iMessage. Probably the reason why people are hooked to Apple and ditching the benefits of Android. But there’s one app that comes close to it. And that’s WeMessage. Although it might not have all the features it surely does cover the basics to give an iMessage feel. Messages are kept private with end-end encryption and group chats are also available. You can call it the free unofficial iMessage for Android.

Steps to Install iMessage For Android:

Step 1: Installation of Java SE development kit (JDK) on your Mac

In order to run the WeServer program, you need to have JDK. Download it from Oracle. Go to the ‘Downloads’ page and click on ‘Accept License Agreement’ first. Then download the .dmg file for MacOS. This might take up some time as it’s a heavy file.

Step 2: Allow Terminal Accessibility

WeServer requires Terminal rights to run on your Mac. Go to ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Security & Privacy’. Inside that, click on the ‘Privacy’ tab. On the left hand side menu, scroll down to select ‘Accessibility’. Check the box for ‘Terminal’ to the right, if not done already. You can also go to Applications>Utility. Open the Terminal application. The Terminal then will be checked automatically.

Step 3: Install the WeServer

After you have completed the above procedures, now you can download the WeServer on your Mac. Open the zip file and search for the run.command from the list. Double click on it to launch WeServer on the Terminal.Before that make sure your machine allows apps from unidentified developers. If not then change your security settings. If you don’t want to change your settings, you can directly click on ‘open’ when the warning message pops up.

Step 4: Setting up iMessage with WeServer on your Mac

Once you open WeServer, it will ask for your iMessage email id and password. Make sure you put same email id as you have used on your iMessage earlier. The password can be anything so it is preferably safer to put a new password rather than the one you are using for your Apple Id.

A message will appear on your screen saying the password is invalid. Don’t worry. For now, leave it up to that.

Step 5: Installing WeMessage on Android Phone

Now that you have reached to this stage, only a few more things left to do. Go to Google Play from your Android phone and search ‘WeMessage’. Then click on ‘install’. The page pops up asking for permission to access your device. Choose ‘ACCEPT’. WeServer app gets installed in a few seconds.

Step 6: Setting up the connection

WeServer would require the iMessage email id and password that you just entered in your Mac. It will also ask for you WeServer IP once you open the app. Once you enter all of them, the connection is made, the contacts will show up automatically and you can start texting.

So this is how you can install iMessage for Android. All of these might seem like quite some work. But when it comes to connecting to your far off friends and family, it’s all worth it.

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