How to Use Skype – Step by Step Guide to Make Calls


Skype is one of most cost effective ways of communication. People prefer using Skype as it is convenient for them in a lot of ways. There are a few things you need before you start thinking about using Skype. Microsoft owned Skype is a kind of service that has completely changed the way people communicate with friends and love ones. Skype brought revolution not only in the individuals’ life but also opened new doors of doing business for businesses. It is a very cost-effective modern service. You don’t have to pay anything for hours of talking with your friends and loved ones, in some other part of the world.

Microsoft owned Skype is a VoIP service that lets users communicate with each other by voice, video and instant messages. Since is a kind of site that allows you to make calls lost cost or free internet calls in part of the world, this is why it is becoming one of the most popular services among the users on the Internet. You have required a Headset with a Microphone. Try to use a set with the TWO plugs. It is better not to use the USB type headset as it causes a problem when you try to remove the device.


How to Make Skype Phone Calls?

If you need to use SKYPEIN or SKYPEOUT, then you are required to have a credit card.

  • A computer. It is better to have a newer computer with a better than a modem connection.
  • Visit the official website of the Skype, and create a Skype account.
  • Computer to Computer perform a search for your friends online and add them by (Contacts/Add Contacts). There are no charges for this service.

Computer to Phone is called SKYPE OUT:

If you add credit in your SKYPEOUT account, you can dial any fixed or mobile phone anywhere around the world. Credit card and Paypal are supported. At one time you can add ten euro or twenty-five euro. Depending on the country, calls are cheap and are relatively comparable to IP cards. Don’t forget to dial the country prefix.

Phone to Computer its called SKYPE IN.

You can reserve a phone number in the country of your choice by using SKYPE IN. It will cost you thirty Euro or ten Euro for a year or three months respectively. By doing this, you can hand out a local number to friends in a different country, and they are charged for local call only.

Your Skype on your computer will ring when they call you; it does not matter in which country you are. The yearly rental of the number is the only cost to you, and there are normal phone call charges for the caller.

Tips – There is also a voicemail service:

People can use messages when your laptop is turned off. Skype accessories include a Skype Phone. Skype Phone can be simply plugged into your USB port and can also be used as an ordinary phone is used. For this, your computer needs to be turned on. You are also able to download the pocket-pc version and use Skype from your PDA if you have a mobile PDA with wireless LAN.

Step By Step Guide – Skype Login:


  1. Navigate to the sign in page of Skype by entering the following URL in the address bar of the browser.
  2. You should see an access form on the left side of your computer screen. In the first field of the form, you need to enter your Skype name.
  3.  In the second field box, you will type your Skype user password.
  4. When you are done, you need to click the green colored “Sign me in” button.

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