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Gmail allows business owners to get a account with their domain, for example, with the help of Google Apps. Google Apps is a fusion of different communication and association tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs and as a business owner; you can run them on your domain. So instead of using, you can use the @your domain name. It will surely give your company an original remark on the marketplace.

Gmail: Released on April Fool’s Day way back in 2004, Gmail has come a long way with over a billion users today. Google’s acclaimed email offering has established evidence as a requisite for most of us. And true beyond doubt, you may use it all day but are you making the most out of it? We list out a few tricks, tips and time-savers for even the most consummate of Gmail pros. Here are Most Popular Gmail Tricks and Tutorials

Add Custom Signature to Every Sent Email:


With the advanced features of Gmail, you can add a custom signature to the base of your every sent email. When you set a signature, Gmail saves it, and this signature will automatically add at the bottom of every email you send. It is a great feature to add your name, contact details, latest offers and much more – actually whatever you want to add.

Handle Several Email Ids at Ease:

Businesses are multi-faceted, and most business holder operates many email ids for their business operations. Gmail allows business owners to run and handle several email accounts from a single interface. If like many other business holders, you’re also regularly receiving an email on several accounts, then by integrating your e-mail in Gmail, you’ll be able to keep follow of it more quickly and directly. Under the option of setting, you can centralize your Gmail account for several emails.

Send to Many Option- Use it like Boss:

With Gmail Tricks, you can send a single message to many recipients quickly. You don’t need to type the same message again and again. Simply by adding recipients of your message, you can save your time and effort both.

Gmail Labels: Organize Your Mail in Cool Way

Gmail has recently released the feature of the tab in which you can embrace labels of your account. For a businessman, Folders of Gmail are quite familiar. You can use Gmail labels for a smooth and easy organization of your emails in a similar way. Gmail labels merged with filters can happen to be an influential and powerful tool. It will give you an easy and simple process to manage your emails. By using Labels, you can create labels for commercial projects, vendors, clients, weekly data and information, openings, to-do and much more. You can also personalize your labels with different colors based on the priority level.

HangOut! Be Touch with Your Clients and Team

Gmail is simply far more than a mailing site. It also allows users to do the business calling and hanging out with friends through video calling. A business owner can use the exceptional features of Gmail including chat and video calling to be in touch with social groups, friends, clients or provide synchronized customer support.
No matter where you are which device you are using, simply by following some options, you can start chatting with your friends and clients easily. However, to add video chat feature with friends to Gmail, you will need a small plugin and a webcam connected to your used device. After this simple step, you can enjoy excellent video calling features with your friends, clients, and others. Additionally, You can add up to ten recipients for your video chat at a time.

Keep An Eagle Eye on Your To-Do List:


With Gmail, you can also keep an eye on the track of your to-do. If as a business owner, you spent lots of time in your Gmail inbox, then you can create tasks of your to-dos to keep your activities observed and noticed easily. This feature of Gmail allows business owners and the general public to craft several lists of works, to add notes to every assignment, add and assign due dates and can check all the items quickly and at any time – simply with some clicks on your device or mouse.

No Internet! Not to Worry! Use Offline Gmail

Sometimes, we want to use email, but the lack of internet connection creates an obstacle to it. Well, with Gmail, you can access your account at any time and anywhere without any internet connection. Use the facility of offline Gmail anytime when you’re not online. Despite having Internet access, you can access your mail id where you just can’t be online. Go to the setting and Turn on offline Gmail from the Offline tab, and Gmail will download a local cache of your mail which orchestrates with Gmail’s servers while you’re associated. At the time, when you lost your internet connection, Gmail will automatically toggle to offline mode, so that you can carry on to work, and your emails will be instantly and mechanically sent when Gmail server finds an internet connection.

Response to Light Speed!

Another advantage of using Gmail for your business is that you can create preserved replies and speedily respond to general questions. When the turn comes to do emails ate workplace, you’re perhaps used to sending out daily or weekly reports, or returning the same questions from customers several times. It is one of the most common issues of doing online business. The answer to this problem, you can use canned responses to save the same answer for multiple time using.

Right Email to Right Person:

Have you ever faced problems with sending wrong emails to wrong people by mistake?  If you have accidentally sent a private email to the wrong colleague, or have emailed secret meeting notes to an outside contact; then you can undo this action by using the feature of “Got the wrong Bob?” You will get this option under the setting, from the Labs tab. By clicking on this feature, will attempt to flag when you’ve unintentionally included the mistaken person in a mail.

Doesn’t Want to Getting Disturb! Use “Mute Conversation.”

Have you got tired of the following off-topic range on your B2B mailing list but yet don’t want to unsubscribe from the list? If yes, then Gmail has featured its services with a simple solution to this problem – “mute conversation”. You can just mute the chat, and the strand won’t be walloped back to your Inbox anytime new emails have arrived. It is a fantastic method to ignore unnecessary emails and conversations.

Enhance Your View:

Spice things up with a fun theme instead of waking to a plain-vanilla Gmail. You simply have to choose “Themes” under the Gear menu in the upper-right corner and switch to one of the many ready-made backdrops that appeal to you. You can also upload your theme if a tailor-made one does not tickle your fancy. You can also play around with the Display Density settings under the Gear menu. Choosing “Comfortable” gives you some nice white space whereas “Compact” is perfect when you need to stuff as much as possible onto the screen.

Bring Some Friends (And Mail) Along If you are a beginner or have created a second Gmail account and wish to club your old mail and contacts into the system, make your way to Settings> Accounts and Import section and select the “Import mail and contacts” link.

This will let you import your data from popular providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more.

But Keep Your Archive in Check:

It is 2016 and people are sending bigger attachments each day generous though Gmail’s free storage may be. It’s time to kill space consuming messages once you bump up against your storage limit.

You can do this by clicking on the little down arrow on the far right of the search box, then tick the “Has attachment” box, then enter 10 in the “Size” row and click the blue magnifying glass button. This will let you see all attachments larger than 10 megabytes. You just have to tick those check boxes next to the messages that you are certain you do not need.

Then click the garbage-icon to delete them permanently.

Get Organized With Labels And Filters:

You can apply a label to each message and manifest the newly created labels as folder-like entities in the left sidebar. While you read the message, just click the Label icon (second from the right) and create a new label or apply an existing one (labels from the left sidebar can be dragged and applied on to a message as well).

Then click on the “More” button on the farthest right and select “Filter messages like these”. Following this choose “Create filter with this search” to open up a world of automation options like applying a “Family” label on all messages from your family.

The above are the ten major advantages of using for business purpose. If you are a smart business owner, You must have funded several essential tips for your existing Gmail account. But if you are yet not using Gmail, then don’t wait. Create a Gmail id now and make your way of managing the business more productive, simple and smart.

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