4 Ways to Recover Your Forgotten iCloud Password


Have you forgot your iCloud password and cannot access email account?

You have tried every possible workaround to recover your iCloud email password, but yet it seems efforts are going towards vain?

When it comes to recovering the password for such crucial accounts, we often get ourselves transform from a busy slacker to an industrious peep. Isn’t it?

Well, take a chill pill, endeavoring for such tasks isn’t that laborious either. But all you need to do is consider implementing steps quite cautiously. These days we are engaged with numerous online accounts and websites that forgetting username and password of one of them is just a typical scenario. However, none of us affords to lose the iCloud password, as sure as eggs are eggs.


But nevertheless, in this age of advanced and sophisticated technological advancements, do you need to worry about how to recover forgotten iCloud password from the account page? Well, we don’t think so neither you should. Here, in this article, we are going to cover various working methods that’ll undoubtedly be going to help you find iCloud email password.

Forgot iCloud Password?

Hey, don’t get freak out as you forget your iCloud account password. Continue with us, and we will show you how you can get the task done by simply implementing the straightforward methods we have curated below:

1. Use Recovery Email

  • The first step would be to go to the Settings on your device and then tap on iCloud, afterwards click on Forgot Apple ID or Password.
  • Now enter the Email ID which you previously had used to create your Apple ID (However, if you even forgot your Email ID, we’ll mention the method to regain your Email ID further in this post) and type the character displayed on the screen to prove that you’re not a robot.
  • Now you would be redirected to Reset Password Page, here you’ll have to select the option of Getting an Email. Apple would send a mail with a link to reset the password for your Apple ID.find-icloud-email-password

  • Open the Email; search for the mail in your mailbox. Or if you are not able to find the mail, go to the Spam folder and check there. Now follow the link mentioned in the mail to change your password. And you are successfully done resetting your iCloud password using recovery mail option.iforgot-apple-email

2. Answer to the Questions

  • On your iPhone, iPad, Go to Settings > iCloud > Forgot Apple ID or Password.
  • Now enter your Email ID and type the characters displayed on the screen, just like you did in the previous method, and click on Continue.
  • Now, choose the option ‘Answer Security Question.’
  • Enter your birth date and answer the questions that you had set up while creating your Apple account.apple-id-password-security-questions

  • Now once you successfully submitted the correct answer, you can merely set up your new password.

3. Find iCloud Password using Phone Number

  • Before starting with this method, make sure that you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication settings on your account and that your device has iOS 10 or later versions.
  • Next, go to Appleid.apple.com and click on Forgot Apple ID or Password.
  • Now you would be asked to enter your Email ID, and character displayed on the screen. Now click on Continue.
  • On the new page. You’d be presented with two options, Use Trusted Phone Number and Reset from another device.reset-icloud-account-email-password

  • If you choose, Use Trusted Phone Number; you would be asked for the Mobile Number of your trusted device. Enter the mobile number that you had provided while setting up the Two-Factor Authentication process.reset-icloud-password

  • Now click on Continue, and you’ll get the authentication code on the device, whose number you had provided.
  • However, if you choose, Reset from another device, you will receive an alert on your selected device. A link would accompany the alert, which would give you the access to System Preferences >> iCloud >> Reset your Password. Once you navigate to the aforementioned path, you could effortlessly change the password and recover your account.

4. Recovering Password through Two-Step Verification Process

Two-step verification also is known as the older version of Two-Factor authentication. This method is used majorly in older devices as they didn’t have the provision of Two-Factor Authentication, as it was introduced in iOS 10. Now while using Two-step verification, every time you sign in to iCloud, you would have to enter your Apple ID and Password as well as the verification code that would be sent to the device that you have reported as a trusted

In the case, when you forget your Apple ID and at the same time don’t have access to verification code, you’ll have to enter the recovery key which you had made while setting up the Two-Step verification process. Follow the steps mentioned below to get access to iCloud through Two-Step verification process-

  • Go to Appleid.aple.com and enter your iCloud email address.
  • You’d be informed that the account is protected with Two-Step verification.
  • Now you have to enter your Recovery key.appleid-recovery-key
  • Choose the trusted device and apple would send a verification code to your device.
  • Now just set up a new password after putting up the verification code sent to the device.

Note- You’d have to remember the recovery key if you forget your Apple ID password. In the case you don’t know your Apple ID as well as the Recovery key, then the account couldn’t be recovered through ordinary means.

So all the above-mentioned methods could be adopted for recovering your iCloud Password, However, in the case you forget your Email ID as well, you could Open your iPhone and open iTunes or App store. If you had signed up through your Apple ID, you’d be able to see the Email ID as well.

Another method you can take into work is going to System Preferences >> iCloud and looking at your Email ID if you are already signed in. There are several apps which would display your Email ID; you could look upon them also.


It is always advised to keep a note of your Apple ID and Password and write it down on a piece of paper. As losing your password could abrupt the usage of your devices. You should especially note down the Recovery Key if you are using a device with iOS 9 or previous versions of iOS.

So this is all from our side, we did full-fletched research on our part to highlight the ways through which you can recover your iCloud Password. Hope it helps you.

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