How to Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Errors in Windows 10, 7 & 8.1?


If you have ever noticed ‘BOOTMGR is missing’ errors, You must have noticed that these flash right after the system is switched on and only once the Power On Self Test (POST) is complete.

‘BOOTMGR is missing’ errors are a common problem with Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista only since Windows XP does not make use of BOOTMGR. The function that corresponds to BOOTMGR in Windows XP is NTLDR and the problem generated by it is ‘NTLDR is missing’.

Reasons for BOOTMGR is Missing Errors:


Some of the most common causes that are responsible for a BOOTMGR error are:

  • Corrupt or misconfigured files and hard drive
  • Upgrade issues in operating systems
  • An outdated BIOS
  • Corrupt hard drive sectors
  • Unplugged/loose power or controller cables
  • When the PC tries to boot from a source that is non-bootable

Step by Step Guide to Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Errors:

Step 1: As a first and primary step, restart your computer once. At times, the BOOTMGR error is just a fluke.

Step 2: Now check floppy drives, optical drives and USB ports for media. There are a number of times when this error appears when your system is trying to boot to an external drive, floppy disk or a non-bootable disc. When you are sure that this is the reason behind the error and is happening regularly, you should change the boot order in BIOS to list your hard drive as your first boot device. In case you have more than one drive, ensure that the correct drive is listed first.

Step 3: BOOTMGR error can also be a result of any kind of loose, unplugged or malfunctioning controller or power cables. As a solution to this, you must make it a point to check all internal data and power cables are reseated. If you have any doubts regarding the PATA or SATA cables, try replacing them as well.

Step 4: Another common solution to the problem of BOOTMGR issues is performing a startup repair of windows. This helps to replace any kind of corrupt or missing files that includes BOOTMGR as well.

Step 5: You can correct any kind of configuration problem, a possibility of corruption or any other kind of damage by writing a new partition boot sector to the Windows system partition.

Step 6: Just like the partition boot sector, a corrupted Boot Configuration Data (BCD) can also cause BOOTMGR error. Try to rebuild the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) as a solution to the above problem.

Step 7: If there are any incorrect settings in BIOS, It can result in issues such as BOOTMGR error. This happens because the BIOS configuration prompts the computer on how to use a drive. As a solution to the above problem, ensure that all the hard drive settings and drive settings in BIOS are correct. If you are not too sure about how to do it, look for the option of Auto settings in BIOS, this can be your safe bet.

Step 8: Another potential reason for the BOOTMGR error can be an outdated BIOS version. You must update the Motherboard’s BIOS to fix this issue.

Step 9: Performing a clean installation of Windows is a sure short way of fixing the BOOTMGR issue but it is time-consuming also. Ensure that you take a backup of all your data files and documents as Windows will be removed completely and then reinstalled on your PC.

Step 10: If the clean installation could also not fix the BOOTMGR issue in your system, in all probability you are encountering a hardware issue with the hard drive. As a solution, you need to replace the hard drive and then you will be required to install new Windows on your PC.

After reading all the above solutions, if you think you cannot do it yourself, you can also look out for the multiple solutions that are available online. You will not only get a number of support options there but also help on small issues such as taking a backup of your files, how to choose a good repair service, estimating the repair costs and much more.

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