6 Best Fitness Tracker Apps & Workout Apps For Android 2019


People who are fitness freaks and love keeping track of their progress and fitness must give a try to the best fitness tracker applications. These are the type of applications which are designed to keep a track on your workouts and provide you comprehensive reports as you progress towards your fitness goals. These fitness tracker apps are becoming shocking good news for Smartphone users as it can be installed for free on their device and helps them to stay on track and achieve their fitness goals with ease.

Since there are a variety of such fitness tracker apps available today, it may become challenging for you to choose the right app for your fitness goals. So, to help you here is the list of Best Fitness Tracker Apps which are worth considering if you are a fitness freak.

List of Best Fitness Tracker Apps:


1. RunKeeper

This is the fitness tracker app that is available for free and runs both on Android and iOS devices. With the use of this application, one can track their runs, walks and other physical activity. From the veteran 5 KM runners to casual runner and veterans who are running a marathon, RunKepper is the best GPS app that can help them all as it is suitable for all. It helps you to create, save and find new routes through its GPS and keep your workouts stimulating until you lose weight and achieve your fitness goals. It allows you to join challenges and win rewards for workouts and also share the progress with friends through social platforms.

2. Strava

This is the fitness tracker app which helps you to connect with the leading athletes by offering you with an inspirational experience excluding the junk pots which you usually find on social media. With its tracking feature, you will be able to stay motivated towards your fitness goals and ahead in the competitive community. The community involves several runners, cyclists and active adventurers from across the world and the benefit is that it records all their activities and provides you the report for the challenge. It provides key statics like distance, pace, speed, calorie burnt during workouts and elevation gained.

3. Yoga Studio

As the name suggests, this is the popular Yoga App and comes with a small monthly charge. It offers over 70 readymade yoga and meditation classes which can be opted by anyone with varied skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced level practitioners. The classes last from 15 minutes to one hour and the application has something for everyone. It has the option to customize the classes based on your preferences. There is yoga recommendation for improving your balance, strength, relaxation, flexibility, and combination of all four. The application not just only track your progress, but also provide step by step instructions for over 200 poses, plus their modifications, benefits, and cautions of the poses.

4. Sworkit

This is free to use fitness tracker apps that runs both on Android and iOS devices and this application is the all time favorite of American College of Sports Medicine because of its quality instructional exercise standards. After you register and provide the personal data, you need to choose your fitness goals to make every second count. The dashboard of the application provides you with instructions regarding different exercises for cardio, strength, yoga, and stretching which are demonstrated by the coaches. It can be upgraded to its premium version which will give you full access to the guided workouts along with high intensity interval training and more.

5. Zombies Run

Zombie Run is basically a running game and audio adventure rather than a fitness tracker app. You will be presented with a story which provides you with the details that you are a runner en route to one of the last remaining output of human just after the zombie epidemic. You can turn it on and run in a park, jogging or even walking trails you can save many lives and find out the truth about the apocalypse of the Zombie.

6. JEFIT or Workout Tracker Gym Log

It is the most essential application for all the gym goers and for those who are concerned about their fitness level. You can log in with this application to log the weight and reps on each machine you use at the gym with just a single click. It allows you to track your daily workout routines and the rest time you have invested at the gym. It also provides the graph and log of all body measurements as you make the progression. The app also has a larger active workout community and you have the opportunity to join and connect with them and stay motivated and on track until you achieve your fitness goals. It also allows you to share your progress with the community and also compare your progress with others.

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