Chromecast Setup | How to Install Chromecast App on Your TV & Mobile


Google Chromecast is undeniably the most affordable streaming device available today. This HDMI dongle lets the users cast content on television wirelessly. It can turn your simple TV into a Smart TV in just seconds, owing to its responsive, faster respond and casting feature. But, before start streaming any content on your television with Chromecast dongle, you have to get the dongle device up and running and for this, you need to know the steps for setting up the device.

The process is simple and easy indeed and with few simple steps you can complete the setup process of Chromecast and turn your TV into a Smart one for online striating of content with ease.

How to Setup Google Chromecast on Your TV?


Step 1 – Plug in the Chromecast Device and Downloading Google Chromecast Home Page

The first step is to purchase your Chromecast dongle either online or from the store and plug in into your television through its USB port. You will also need the Google Home App to complete the setup of the Chromecast. If you have purchased the Chromecast which is hand-me-down or en eBay find, then you would require factory reset before starting the setup process. Today, there multiple generations of Chromecast and the latest generation has a complicated setup process. You need to plug in the device into the USB port of your television and power on the device and the TV.

Now you will see the on-screen promotes. With the set-up prompt on TV, you need to grab the tab or the mobile and connected to the Chromecast to complete the setup process. Based on which generation Chromecast you are using, the connecting of the device may differ.


Step 2 – Connecting to Chromecast

The setup process for all the devices are almost same, but the only big difference between the setup of first-generation and latest generation is connecting process with the mobile or tab. The Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast second generation both support the Bluetooth and when you use such models, then you have to complete the setup with Google Home App and you will be connected over Bluetooth and for this you need to ensure that Bluetooth of your phone is turned on.

But, the first generation Chromecast needs manual connection with the mobile via its ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection that it creates. Launch the Wi-Fi settings of your phone and search for the available network and try connecting with the Chromecast network. Once you are done with the connecting process you need to follow the further process to complete the setup.


Step 3 – Configuring the Chromecast

Once the Chromecast is connected to your mobile device or tab, it is the time to download the Google Home App and complete the configuration process. In many cases, you will be automatically promoted to start the setup process when you launch the application, but if you won’t get the prompt, then simply tap on the device icon at the top right corner and confirm the Chromecast identifier on your mobile which look like the icon displayed on the TV and finally tap on setup.

In the first process of setup, the application will confirm the temporary identifier that is being allotted to the Chromecast. Now click on “Continue”.

Once the setup of the app is done a confirmation code will display on the TV. When you see it confirm by tapping on “I See It”


The next step is to choose the region and click “Continue”. Now you will be prompted with the name of the Chromecast and the name is randomly generated and can be changed later.

Now you need to choose whether you would like to send crash reports to Google or disable the Guest Model. After selecting the right choice you need to click on “Continue” and enter the credentials for the Wi-Fi Network that you want to connect.

Finally, you need to link the Google Account with the Chromecast and enjoy casting the content on your TV. If you don’t wish to link your Google Account with it then there is not an issue in casting any content, but you will not be able to make use of advanced features of Chromecast. So, ensure linking it to advanced features.

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