Top 10 Best Webcam Software in 2019 for Windows


Whether it is to have a real-time video call with your family or click quirky pictures or for more important work like surveillance, a webcam is one handy thing to have on your computer. To enhance its features and extend a webcam’s functionality, you can always install webcam software. Best Webcam Software 2019 today have features that can detect motion, add emoticons, make live video feed, etc. However, the utilization of the webcam software is completely subjective.

Thus, we have made you a list of 10 best webcam software in 2018 below. Read through and choose the one that suits you best.

List 10 Best Webcam Software in 2019:


1. Cyberlink YouCam:

YouCam is one of the top webcam software which is only Windows based. It is available for free, absolutely. It provides you with various add-ons and filters that can quirk your pictures and videos up a bit. Although you would see some lag associated with the video on the application of filters, YouCam can be called one of the best in terms of professional video chats. You can also make PowerPoint presentations beautifully yet professionally on the software without any hassle. In addition to this, this software can also record movement and make use of your PC’s webcam as a surveillance system. Cyberlink is a trusted company in the market of software development.

2. ManyCam:

ManyCam cannot be considered the best webcam software if you are looking for some professional data sharing. It, however, offers a plethora of presets, filters and after-effects for the users to choose from, to edit their videos fully fledged. Users get the flexibility to choose from various resolution options from 240p to FullHD. This app can also be used for recording screen activity. This software is compatible with Windows (7 or higher), Mac Operating Systems (10.9 or higher)

3. YawCam:

YawCam’s best feature is its simple UI. This windows based software has got plenty of high-end features in addition to mere filters and effects that other webcam software has to offer. Its motion detection ability can prove pretty useful for surveillance purposes. It can detect any kind of motion in camera’s view and immediately notify the owner through email. It can open and save image files in all major formats (GIF, JPG, and PNG) and video files in JavaScript and MJPEG.

4. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder:

Apowersoft is a simplistic webcam software with basic features of recording videos, clicking images and recording screen activities. With a simplistic User Interface, this software is suitable for almost everyone at a consumer level. This software lets you record files and save them or open recorded video files in MP4, AVI, WMV and FLV formats. It also lets one open or save clicked images in JPG, PNG, and other major formats. One additional feature is the ability it offers its users for recording audio sounds and saves them in MP3 or AAC or FLAC formats. This platform is completely free and runs compatibly with both Windows and Mac Operating systems.

5. Windows Camera:

Windows camera, a default software with windows 10 utilizes most simplistic and minimalistic User Interface. Like Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, this software has only got basic features. It can record videos and click pictures. The videos can be recorded at your choice of resolution. This camera gives you the option of framing grid to align yourself perfectly. Although not as fancy as the above-mentioned camera software, windows camera is the most reliable.

6. Skype:

One of the most professionally used software for video calling, Skype has gained most of its popularity to its greater clarity and simplistic User Interface. With updates, the interface has only become more user-friendly without compromising on the quality. This software also allows for audio calling and text messaging making it almost a social media platform. Free of cost.

7. BC Web Scanner:

This piece of software is essentially something that will turn your computer’s web camera into a barcode scanner. A camera’s usage is not restricted to just clicking selfies and recording self-videos. For increasing the utilitarian value of your preexisting camera, you can now use it as a barcode scanner on the go with the software BCWebScanner. Thus, counting this software among the 10 best webcam software is essential.

8. IP Camera Viewer:

This software is intended for surveillance purposes. Be it your home, office or another workplace, having multiple surveillance cameras and not being able to see them all simultaneously can be a hassle. IPCameraViewer can prevent just that. This software is compatible with over 1800 different camera models and can let you see the images and recordings simultaneously, on your computer screen. This software also lets you set the image properties and your choice of resolution and fps settings for each camera separately. Even if your web camera does not support zoom function, the software will let you pan and zoom the image for the entire coverage area you set.

9. Logitech Webcam Software:

Like the windows camera software, this one is also pretty reliable owing to the company it’s been rolled out from. Logitech Webcam software, previously called Quickcam express, allows its users to click pictures, record videos and activate motion detection, in addition to tracking faces and adjusting camera settings like resolution, fps, etc. It can be viewed as a basic professional app with no fancy feature.

10. Photo Booth:

With the plethora of filters and after-effects in addition to the processing speed and extremely low to almost no lag in functioning, this can be one of the apps you would find on a creative’s desktop. Photo Booth allows JPG format and has the facility of social media integration, through which all your pictures can be posted on the internet directly. Like almost all other webcam software, this one also lets you play with the resolution and fps settings.


All the software mentioned above are unique in their own ways. Understanding that the choice of an app or software is subjective, pertaining to the needs and requirements of an individual, the 10 best webcam software list has been made with scrupulous details for you to make your decision of the best webcam software.

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