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There is a number of games you play, giving you some awesome experiences. There are some epic battles you fight, some close calls, some amazing views and bone-chilling thrillers in the games. Several sites like Twitch, IGN, etc. focus on the reviews and gameplays of hundreds of different games that are launched all-round the year. These game plays and reviews use screen recorders to capture the videos and broadcast on the channels. Best Game Recording Software Various Youtubers work on the reviews and perks of newly launched games, via these game recordings.

There are several freeware and paid software products which have the functionality to capture the screen and presenting it in the video format. There are a number of features of these software applications other than just recording your screen. Let’s look deep into few of these applications and find out the best game recording software.

Top 5 Best Game Recording Software 2018 for Windows PC:


1. Open Broadcast Software ( OBS studio ):

Open Broadcast Software will, undoubtedly, lead this list of recording software. OBS is extremely popular, the freeware tool for capturing the videos. It works on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Apart from basic screen recording and video saving features, OBS offers tools for customization. It is capable of recording high-quality videos in Mp4 and FLV format by using the computer’s Graphics processing unit for enhancements. It has simple and intuitive controls with user – friendly interface. One of the biggest features of OBS is the real-time audio and video streaming, live across the number of platforms. There are more advanced features like audio filters and mixing. However, the higher advanced controls provide flexibility to the power users, casual users might need some time to learn the functioning of the different tools.

2. Action:

An action is an amazing software which captures stunning High Definition video captures of your game. Action uses the overclocked graphics processor to enhance the quality all the way up to 4K. There is a dedicated Action Android app, which enables you to remotely control the software on the PC connected to the same network. Some useful features include streaming videos to Aliez, Ustream, Hitbox, etc., recording music and live commentary, mixing web player videos and capturing screenshots in the process. However, Action is launched only for Windows OS, and there is no version of the product running on Mac and Linux machines. The action comes in the free trial version valid for a month, and then it costs roughly around 30 Dollars for Home use and around 50 Dollars for commercial. Both of these paid versions, come with several amazing features packed in the kit. The commercial version has facilities to use additional features like Time – Shift mode.

3. NVIDIA Shadowplay:

The name NVIDIA is quite famous among the gamers. NVIDIA develops some of the best gaming hardware components and is in the top of the market. NVIDIA unveiled Shadowplay a few years ago, a premium screen recording software which uses high the technology and performances of NVIDIA GPU. It’s a freely available software, which is very lightweight on your machine because it works mostly on the GPU. There are two modes of operation of Shadowplay, the manual mode, and the shadow mode. Shadow mode, captures the video continuously but doesn’t save it, until specified so. Hence, this mode is exceptionally useful, when you don’t want to waste memory but capture just the great moments worth saving. Shadowplay is currently available only on Windows platform. New advanced features like Shadowplay Highlights have revamped the technology and hence it is one of the best game recording software today.

4. AMD ReLive:

Similar to NVIDIA, AMD also develops high-quality graphics cards. Their Radeon series power many gaming machines all over the world. Based on these GPUs, AMD launched ReLive, their screen capturing software. You get ReLive with the Radeon Crimson software associated with their graphics card. ReLive provides high-quality video captures, capture highlights and grab screenshots. Using keyboard shortcuts, ReLive has made the work very easy. With high memory optimization functions, ReLive captures great quality in limited memory space. ReLive, however, does not work on all graphics cards. It is bound to AMD Radeon series. It’s a freeware and very easy to use.

Today, gaming is one of the major parts of the entertainment system. There is the huge number of gamers in every corner of the world. And hence, there are several gaming communities which are vying to help you get the best of experience. These communities use video tutorials and gameplay videos to explain a concept or solve bugs and errors. Hence, there are many entertainment studios which use advanced techniques to provide best game recording softwareThese videos are watched widely on several platforms. There are several dedicated sites like Polygon, IGN, MSI, etc. which provide active support for the gamers and game developers.

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