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Android Launcher applications are widely used by most of the Android users to enhance their experience and give a complete makeover to the home screen of their device. You can download the Android Launcher Apps and change the overall look and do a lot many things. So, let us have a look at the top rated 15 Best Android Launcher Apps which can let you do anything on your Android device.

Best Android Launchers Free Download from Android Playstore:


1. Action Launcher

Action Launcher is the all-time favorite of Android users as it comes with stock Android feel and extra features to add uniqueness to your Android device. The Quicktime feature lets you customize the theme and color of the UI based on the set wallpaper and the shutters feature enable you to check the app’s widgets without setting them on the home screen. There are also customization and theming features to make it look more like a phone running on Oreo.

2. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is the latest launcher app for Android device which comes with the feature like UI update and stock android. It also has launcher shortcuts and other customizable elements, extensions, and many new features. The launcher also has the best make your own widget feature. You may either download the launcher for free or go for the premium version by paying a charge of $3.49.

3. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher also remains the iconic Android Launcher app like Action Launcher and it focuses on offering you with the stock Android look and feel with some unique features. This includes the feature to change things like scrolling habits, transition animations and also a scrolling dock where you get the chance to lay a variety of icons. It also comes with a theme engine.

4. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher works differently from all other Android launchers. It comes with the ability to customize the home screen and fill it with the information-packed list of stuff. It will let you see the incoming calls and messages, the media player and the system info right from the home screen while checking of other pieces of stuff like news and twitter and Bitcoin prices from home screen becomes easier with the launcher.

5. EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher is the perfect Android Launcher App which is available for download at Play Store. This launcher comes with many great features and smart folders which can categorize the apps automatically. The launcher also comprises the contextual feed of different pieces of stuff like missed calls, notifications, calendar events and more. It learns your habits gradually and works well accordingly over time.

6. Evie Launcher

Evie Android Launcher is another great pick of the year which is light in weight and fastest launcher for Android devices with some great and unique features. This Android Launcher makes use of the Pixel Launcher style app drawer which you can simply slide up from the bottom of the screen. It also supports icon packs, in-dock mode and allows you to change grid size on the home screen.

7. Lawnchair Launcher

This is absolutely a new launcher app which resembles the pixel launchers. It also features many unique features like pixel launcher which include icon pack support, notification dots, Oreo-like shortcuts, adaptive icons, Google Now Integration, and many other customizations. It is a new app and available in beta.

8. Lean Launcher

Lean Android Launcher is the latest launcher app that offers you with a dose of stock Android and packed with many great fractures which includes app shortcuts, notification dots, Google Now, icon shape and more. It also has many customizable features and a double tap to lock feature. It is absolutely free to use and has some great features for your use.

9. Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher is the powerful, yet customizable Android Launcher. It is very light in weight and gives you the chance to change virtually anything on the home screen of your Android device. It allows you to have multiple sets of home screens based on occasions and mood. Scripting support is the unique feature of the launcher which allows you to use JavaScript to do anything on your Android device.

10. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is the latest app which features integration with different Microsoft services like email, calendar, to-do list app and direct integration with the Microsoft PCs. Gesture control is the customizable feature of the launcher. It is free to use the launcher and available in beta. This is the best launcher for those who want to integrate better with the Windows PC.

11. Next Launcher 3D Shell

This is the new launcher app that features 3D animations and different types of transition effects and other customization options. This launcher also features scrollbar which can help you twist your home screen and find the suitable position of the home screen.

12. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another popular Android launcher app that comes with a variety of customization features like gesture support, the ability to customize the feel and look of the app, themes, icon pack support and others. This launcher also comes with the feature to backup and restore the home screen layout if you switch to any other new phone.
13. Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 is also the popular and renowned Launcher App for Android which comes with many new and unique features and allows you to resize the grid size and do lot more. It allows you to have notifications on home screen and features multiple themes, contextual search, plugin support and more. It allows you to hide the apps behind password locks.

14. TSF Launcher

TSF Launcher is the unique launcher application for Android that features customizations which include gesture support and allows you to do lot many cool things. But, this launcher app lacks in bringing all the unique features that other launcher apps offer today. Still, it has some great features which include 3D animations, batch selections of things and unlimited dock bar. It is free to download and use and has the additional plugin that adds app badges.

15. Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher for Android

This is the Android Launcher which is designed by Yahoo and it does some great helpful things like organizing the apps automatically into respective categories and it comes with some great customization features. This launcher lacks in some features which other launcher offers but has unique features to enhance your experience which includes weather integration, organization features, and some other fun-filled features.

These were some of the best and top rated Android Launchers which are worth considering if you are using Android devices. So, download and try out any of these Android Launchers today.

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